Microscope solutions for amber lovers

Cheap USB microscopes and traditional microscopes can be nice for viewing or imaging amber inclusions but if you are looking for much better results then a confocal microscope with a wide range of fluorescence options built in can provide incredible results with images potentially far more revealing than using any other imaging technique. These cameras will either have a stacking or video function. Our page in macro photography of amber specimens discusses image stacking, in some confocal microscope setups a user can use the video function normally used to video movement and slowly adjust the focus, the video is saved as frames and you can choose your series of frames to be stacked as if you were stacking any series of images.

We will be posting more links to other CT scans here soon, we appreciate you visiting our site too, if you are looking for a better more comprehensive listing of fossils in Kachin amber then you may consider checking out the new wiki page under development https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleobiota_of_Burmese_amber

Researching ambers does not have to be expensive and throughout this website there are numerous tips and pieces of advice that are useful to collectors and scientists alike. Many simple cheap solutions can be implemented without sacrificing quality, if there is a research aspect that we have not answered then please feel free to let us know and we shall endeavor to help whenever possible, if you have any interesting solutions that you would like to share with is then of course we are always glad to hear from you too.