3D rendering computers

Many new softwares for rendering are resource heavy and one of the best solutions is to use a cloud service like Google cloud, we tried the free trial that only allows linux installs and the rendering free rendering softwares worked very quickly, the only downside was the upload and download times.

Indeed our recommended softwares were originally developed many years ago before hardware advancements which means they work well on an ordinary computer and very well on a new computer with say 16gb of RAM minimum which is not expensive these days. In order to get the best results we find that the softwares run better on Linux than the compiled Windows versions available, in order to get the most from your hardware we recommend installing VMware as the OS on a computer then installing a Linux instance (or more) on top. If you have an internet connection you can then have your own private cloud service at home without having to pay for one.

We will be posting more links to other CT scans here soon, we appreciate you visiting our site too, if you are looking for a better more comprehensive listing of fossils in Kachin amber then you may consider checking out the new wiki page under development https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleobiota_of_Burmese_amber

Researching ambers does not have to be expensive and throughout this website there are numerous tips and pieces of advice that are useful to collectors and scientists alike. Many simple cheap solutions can be implemented without sacrificing quality, if there is a research aspect that we have not answered then please feel free to let us know and we shall endeavor to help whenever possible, if you have any interesting solutions that you would like to share with is then of course we are always glad to hear from you too.