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'Arboreal Anurognathids'in amber

Tree hollow amber analysis

a full family of birds in amber

This historical piece of amber has finally been obtained from the mine owner in Hukawng valley in a government transaction, micro-CT scans will be available soon or can be requested, the renderings reveal a nest of arboreal volants with wing claws and elongate digit IVs. Visually protofeathers full forms and an impeccable skull can clearly be seen upon observation. (weight approximately 284 grammes)

Black and White versionunless stated all images on this website are RAW and unedited. Here we also provide a black and white render to inspire amber inclusion lovers to experiment with such techniques in the quest to make full and accurately documented observations, such techniques often help us build the necessary inclusion understanding to be able to proceed with further imaging.

Here is another image, although interesting it shows why ct scanning is so valuable at helping us identify inclusions for photography

micro CT has been completed in this piece and spin arounds and static X-RAYS shown side by side with macro images will be uploaded soon. CT scan results greatly assist the preparation of further imaging which will enable us to bring you better more informative visuals

Here is a full hi resolution macro which you can download to your computer then zoom in on various areas of interest

Arboreal volants in amber

“One must wait till it comes.”
― Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Lost World