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Anurognathidae in amber

anurognathus in amber

well preserved Anurognathidae in amber

There are as we explain in our tetrapod research section many different types of amber and amber preservation and whilst we strive to find fully 3 dimensional fossils in clean amber it is of course extremely rare and difficult to find such fossils. When obtaining amber from shallow pit mines, redeposited ambers and from ambers that come in discs then the liklihood is that will be a flatter more cloudy amber and although there are some features present that enable us to establish that anurognathus remnants are present it lacks the aesthetics and information potential of the rarer 3d specimens that usually come from hollows amber. Here we are happy to share with you an exceptionally large (note amber is in palm of hand) anurognathus head that is extremely well preserved, with anurognathus good preservation is extremely difficult to find unlike with insects and birds in younger amber.
anurognathus in amber

“One must wait till it comes.”
― Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Lost World