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Pterosaurs in amber

There are two main groups of pterosaurs that can be found in amber, those with ball shaped heads and those with the long traditional pterodactyl mouth, pterosaur species in amber can be further divided between those that have teeth and those that do not although in some cases babies are toothless and develop teeth later.

full Dimorphodon pterosaur in amber

Here is an example, this pterosaur is the most common pterosaur in Burmite and specimens come in numerous sizes and social interaction groups in amber.

Anurognathus type pterosaur in amber

Although we do archive many top grade well preserved pterodactyl type pterosaurs here is a simple picture below of a poorly preserved pterosaur just to help show how easily they can go unnoticed without careful examination.

pteradactyl style pterosaur in amber from Myanmar

Here are some larger specimens of pterosaur.

pterosaur in amber
bird in amber or lizards that can move by gliding
bird in amber