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Eggs in amber

This page is for showing bird eggs, many other eggs are found in amber ranging from nematode eggs to ant eggs to lizard eggs and such eggs when available are displayed on the page dealing with the creature that produced the eggs.

bird eggs in burmite amber

A better picture will appear soon but this is a basal bird emerging from an egg in burmite amber

bird eggs found in burmite amber

Basal bird Eggs in amber, this large white egg reveals a bird inside when a strong light is shone through the burmite, a centipede can also be seen

bird eggs found in burmite amber

a basal bird in amber taken with white/UV light combination

bird eggs found in burmite amber

a bird can be clearly seen inside this egg under illumination

bird eggs found in burmite amber

amazing cretaceaous bird in an egg in amber

bird egg in burmite amber

above a large group of eggs in amber

bird eggs in Myanmar amber

bird eggs in Kachin  amber

The amber with this egg above contains many birds eggs and feathers

bird eggs in burmite amber

The above picture is courtesy of UNE taken on a Canon microscope, an unusual snake like creature can be seen on the egg, there are birds in this piece of amber and one bird is sitting on a clutch of these eggs, the surface of the egg here like in the CT scan taken show characteric of egg skin.

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― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Lost World