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    Recent discoveries of amazing inclusions in 100 million year old amber from Kachin State in Myanmar include birds and their nests, eggs and feathers.

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  • Bird


    in amber

    A giant cretaceous dino bird head in amber, the increase in amazing discoveries is happening on an almost daily basis at the source and it is just a matter of time before scientists discover them too.

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    Old school paleontologists are very confused by fossil evidence that refutes their theoretical beliefs or interferes with their vested financial interests. Avian Amber research helps support and bridge the knowledge gaps created by "scientists" and their transition from 2d dust and rock prints to 3d amazing preservation amber.

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High Preservation

Apart from birds there are ants, mosquitos and other insects, there are spiders, scorpions and pseudo-scorpions, botanicals ranging from leaves, ferns and lichens to carnivorous plants and flowers. Frogs, lizards, mudskippers and newts

DNA in Amber

Many pieces of amber exhibit numerous potential DNA harvesting characteristics, usually material of very high preservations, if not potential large animal parts then gorged blood-sucking creatures such as ticks and leeches which exhibit much higher potential than the dream of finding animal DNA in a mosquito.

3D color & CT scanned

3D optical microscopes with custom lighting and focus stacking. CT scanning. (Synchrotrons cannot be used with burmite as they alter the FTIR and possibly darken/reduce transparency of amber)


Research into amber is still in its early years. Advancing methods of producing image based research based on real fossils in cretaceous amber with sufficient preservation to facilitate detailed analysis of both the inclusion being studied and it's habitat helps maximise scientific discovery potential.


Apart from focussing on rare high quality inclusions in amber for general research purposes we also have a few pieces of "extra-ordinary" amber for scientists wishing to make in-depth highly-noteworthy ground-breaking discoveries.


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Avian Amber

More birds both with and without feathers are being discovered in amber continuously. Details of some of these pieces can be found by browsing the Tetrapoda section of the menu at the top of every page.

The site has raw CT data available for you to download and render yourself, there are also our own samples of video renders and static renders of Cretaceous animals including pterosaurs, birds lizards and a triton.

Should you require further bird in amber imagery do not hesitate to contact us. The items displayed are just part of our continually growing collection and should you be seeking a species not shown here just let us know and we will get back to you promptly.

We do not only archive vertebrates in amber but all lifeforms. Many of the specimens are not solo inclusions but groups and interactions such as lizard vs spider, bird vs spider, lizard vs cricket, anurognathid + cricket vs dragonfly and many more. Spiders for example are represented by numerous different families including pelican spiders, tarantulas, harvestmen, jumping spiders, mites and many more.

All the holotypes that we archive are ethically sourced with full export licenses and tax payments without any specimens being bought from military or government sources but rather supporting local communities and internally displaced people (IDPs) at places like the International Red Cross. Local artisans of all races and religions are supported including the Lisu, Jingpo, Christians, Moslems and Buddhists.

Accurate origins are researched and verified using advanced scientific equipment.

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