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'Pterosauria' in amber

Metasaur is simply a random unnofficial name assigned to a group of arboreal volant tetrapods that lived in amber tree cavities often getting trapped when hibernating or when pregnant. This type of clean amber is difficult to find as it is not part of the amber mass on the trunk of the tree but from amber that has flooded a hollow in the tree. If you find difficulty seeing the fourth digit or the wingclaw then please look at the micro ct slices or email us for fuller data.

The picture below was inspired by incredible ct scan renderings performed by Professor Christopher Meehan, the Harvard scientist who published his discovery of the world's first vegetarian spider after much ridicule. When Romeo was first acquired there were a few people who knew that something perhaps more interesting existed in the feathery mess above Romeo. After establishing that there was a second potential parent of Romeo also trapped in the amber and seperating the wings of both the mother and father we identified the angle best to use ultra violet light to reveal the father. The head of the father to the top right is larger than his "son" Romeo.
Cretaceous Bird in amber