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'Birds' in amber

Sometimes there are whole 'Birds' or arboreal volant tetrapods present in amber and here is an example of a piece that we have performed preliminary micro-CT scans and you can view the results by clicking on the links provided. This creature exists in amber in many sizes our longest being around 30cms long and in this piece just 1.8 cms tall. Here is an image of a smaller rookery of volant ones in amber given with a digital scale.

Bird in amber
Below is the most visible to the naked eye, the back of this creature is in the bottom left of the above picture and although incredibly small the micro-CT scan did manage to reveal various skeletal features.

Bird in amber

Nano-microscopy is still in progress and will be released soon.

Below is another creature that is in the center right of the top picture and although slightly larger than the previously shown one. Micro-CT scans were also performed and results can be viewed here.

Bird in amber

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