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Birds and animals in amber

I myself have yet to see a mammal in Kretaceous amber. What cretaceous amber does offer you however is BIRDS, AMPHIBIANS and LIZARDS and combinations of both known as PTERASAURS. Recenly we have had enquiries regarding rumors of a Coelurosaur in amber and can confirm that we have yet to see such an animal in Cretaceous Amber.

Birds and animals in amber is one of our major focusses and this section has been divided into sub-pages to help present the some of our specimens

A recently found creature with wings in amber

Potential 100 million year old Pterasaur in amber from Myanmar

VERTEBRATA (2c., 3o., 3f., 1g., 1sp.)

Amphibia (1o.)


Reptilia (2o., 3f., 1g., 1sp.)

Squamata (3f., 1g., 1sp.)




Cretaceogekko burmae Arnold & Poinar, 2008
Arnold, E. N. & Poinar, G.O.Jr. 2008. A 100 million year old gecko with sophisticated adhesive toe pads, preserved in amber from Myanmar. Zootaxa, No. 1847, 62-68.

Our taxa list is based on the amazing work of Dr Andrew J. Ross who has prepared a newer updated list and kindly offers it for free download
Amber lovers and Paleos can dig up the latest updated version here: